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Many of us use both Facebook and our blogs, and like to have an interface where we can update FB when we post a blog update. In the past I have tried NetworkedBlogs from the FB end and Wordbooker from the blog end but I haven’t been happy with either.  I had resorted to copying URL of the post and pasting it into a Facebook link.

To make it easier to share, I have now installed the ShareThis plugin on all of our current user sites.  You can use it to post to several different social networks or  even to e-mail.

Here are some screen shots to demonstrate the use:

You can choose Facebook, Twitter, E-mail, or the Share link for more choices.

Clicking on the Facebook icon will take you to a page like this (you may be prompted to login):

At the top you may default to your own FB wall or choose another, such as a group/club page. You may also click through thumbnail images and decide which to display with the post.

It will display a snippet of the post.

If you wish to change the text, hover over it until it turns yellow, then click on it. There is another box for more content (“Write something”) which is not necessary to use.

It will place the text in an editable box.

When you are done editing, click on the Share button at the bottom right of your screen.

ShareThis offers several choices of buttons.  On my blog above I have used buttons without labels.  On others I have started with buttons like these:

You can decide whether to show the buttons below static web pages as well as blog posts, or blog posts only.  Let me know if you need help changing the options.  They are found in your dashboard under “Settings/ShareThis”.

On another note: my intention is to use this space to let you know of updates, enhancements, and general information.  You might want to include in your blogroll.  That way it will call it to your attention when I post something new.


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  1. Shelley says:

    Very cool Carolyn!! Thank you!